Why second-hand is sometimes best

Why second-hand is sometimes best

Every year, almost £150 million worth of clothing goes to landfill sites across the UK. More and more people are becoming ecologically aware and are choosing to buy second-hand items. People tend to discard their summer wear after one or two outings, and these clothes usually end up in charity shops. There are two main reasons second-hand is best: it is more cost-effective and more sustainable.

Autumn is the back-to-school season and the temptation to spend is strong, so fashionistas can cut costs by buying second-hand. The key to successful second-hand shopping is to go into it with an idea of what items of clothing you would like to wear for the incoming season. Whether it is a versatile black dress or a pair of jeans, it is important not to get side-tracked and fill your wardrobe with items you may only wear once. Vintage clothing is widely available in second-hand clothing shops and can easily be transformed into eye-catching outfits. Pre-owned or pre-loved are terms that have been applied to second-hand clothing in recent times in an attempt to enhance their appeal.

The price you pay is a fraction of the original

Shopping second-hand means that the price you pay is usually only a fraction of the original, even if it has just been worn once. Clothes are donated to second-hand shops because the buyer no longer likes them, those trousers may not fit any longer, or their tastes have changed. Alternatively, they may just feel that the clothing has gone out of fashion.

Farah shirts are currently on trend for men, and fashion-conscious buyers can purchase them from a range of stockists. Farah shirts are versatile and long-lasting, and they can be worn as part of a casual workwear outfit as well as on nights out.

Recycling can help communities in need

According to The Sun, parents who want to buy second-hand uniforms can usually find suitable items in a school’s lost property sale. It is worth asking the school, and a simple wash can leave them looking new again.

Recycling clothing in this manner can help people in need and can also create a positive culture. It helps the earth and saves on textile waste. You can easily bag some designer gear unexpectedly, so why not do your bit for the environment and save some cash, too?